Symptoms of Different Modern Day Addictions

Symptoms of Smoking Addiction

Smoking addicts display a variety of symptoms. Although the severity varies from one smoker to another, symptoms are similar across all demographics. In addition to the physical symptoms listed below, smokers tend to be extremely dependent on tobacco products for reducing stress in everyday life. This stress may be triggered by an actual event, but [...]

Symptoms of Shopping Addiction

Unlike many other forms of addiction, a shopping addiction may not be readily apparent. People buy things every day, and going on the occasional shopping spree is seen as little more than a leisure activity. When “shopaholic” is just a term for the fashion-forward, how do you tell when a hobby has gone too far? [...]

Symptoms of Prescription Drug Addiction

“Me, addicted? Don’t be silly. My doctor prescribed these drugs.” In today’s world, prescription drug abuse is a common affliction. Many individuals who pop pills freely have no idea that their so-called doctor drugs can be just as addictive as the street variety. Help is available, but before it can be obtained, the sufferer needs [...]


Symptoms of Gambling Addiction 0

Symptoms of Gambling Addiction

People with gambling addictions frequently experience irresistible urges to visit the casino. They exhibit a number of emotional and behavioral symptoms. After learning the signs of addiction, some people realize that they are compulsive gamblers. Such symptoms may also indicate that a friend, spouse or parent is addicted to gambling. 1. To hide the problem, [...]

An Overview of the Symptoms of Porn Addiction

Individuals who are addicted to pornography will usually share certain symptoms. Life partners who have become emotionally distant during lovemaking sessions might very well be addicted to Internet porn. Rather than treating their sexual partners with respect, some men will begin to see women as objects that are meant to be used without regret. The [...]

Symptoms Of Drug Addiction

Drug addiction is a serious problem in America. While the majority of drug addicts are adults, a growing number of teens are also abusing drugs. The National Institute for Drug Abuse says that 22.5 million people over the age of 12 in the United States used illicit drugs in 2011. That is almost nine percent [...]

Symptoms of Alcohol Addiction

For those suffering from addiction, their condition may not be readily apparent. Furthermore, those suffering from addiction may be resistant to any notion that they are dependent. In fact, most of those addicted to a substance believe that they remain in control and can quit at any time. That’s why recognizing and acknowledging the symptoms [...]

Symptoms of Food Addiction

In the hierarchy of basic human needs, food ranks right up there with air and water. Without food, death walks near. With food, life brims with color. It’s not surprising that the act of eating tends in most people to arouse significant emotional reactions. With some people, however, eating goes beyond being a biological necessity [...]

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